Jon Marshall Wed, 08/11/2010 - 09:57
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Nicholas.farrell wrote:

Need to add new blade, currently only use 6748, my only spare is 6548. I know it can utilize sup720, but will it degrade performance at all with the other mods?


Shouldn't do because as you say it is still a fabric enabled card and so would not affect the switching mode ie. if you are currently running in compact mode because you have no classic linecards in your chassis then the addition of the 6548 will not affect that.

As you are probably aware though the 6548 really is very limited in comparison to a 6748 and if you are running servers on it i wouldn't recommend connecting too many servers to the module.


Nicholas.farrell Wed, 08/11/2010 - 10:06
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Thanks for the reply!

I am only putting 2 servers on for now and they will be in more of a test/stage environment. It is for VMWare View. I am in the middle of trying to trade a 6148 to someone in my region for a 6748. By the time we get out of Test and into production, I should have a trade or purchase 6748 available.

Again I am aware of the limitations, just wasn't sure about whether it would effect the current 6748's. Kinda how memory is, I was afraid the whole chasis would only run as fast as the fastest card. . . But if that is not the case than I am ok with using it temporary ;-)

Thanks, you the man!!


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