Door intercom & Door Strike

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David Hornstein Mon, 07/25/2011 - 12:59
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Hi Irene Irene,

I love blatant advertising, yes it may help, but has your solution been validated and does it work with FX0 connected UC500 and UC320W

regards Dave.

David Trad Mon, 07/25/2011 - 15:19
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Hi Yogi-B-Bear

Cyber Data products work really well with the UC-500 series, I have installed 1X Paging system and 1X Door stations (Without Striker).

However the issues sits squarely with the fact that in the current version of CCA, you have to still manually program the SIP settings, which as I understand it can be a bit of an issue and you may need to get SBS support involved, and that in itself is a huge HIT-Miss, both times I have called about doing this, the results were widely all over the place, I just ended up hanging up and doing it anyway (First in the LAB to test CCA sensitivity), they will either say you cannot do it, and if they say you can do it, they are not quite up there yet with programming the CLI

All decent Cyber Data products that work exceptionally well with the UC-500 series are SIP only, and if you want proper call tear downs and no locked ports/service then this is truly the way you need to go

The link you show will work with the UC and it will work well so long as you program the SIP info on the UC correctly, be prepared to hit some stubling blocks on the way, but hey it is a fun challenge.

Hope that helps.



Just a quick note - we had issues getting new (2013) Catalyst POE switch to work with the cyberdata callbox. The Catalyst does not play well with 3rd party POE products despite the custom configuration we did on the Catalyst port. The box stayed up long enough to register with the UC560 and then it would reboot. Seeing the light blink on the callbox was the indicator it was rebooting. We used an external POE injector to get around this issue. We got great support from Cyberdata. We did not talk to Cisco.

BTW, I tested it on a small business POE switch (SG300) and rebooting was NOT an issue!


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