Preparing MCS server for install CUCM/UC

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Aug 12th, 2010


Wanted to know what tools do you guys use to have an MCS server with already installed UCM or UC or Windows2003. This implies to partitioning the hard drives correctly (if they are not) according to the UCM / UC build requirements (any supporting doc would be great) and Formating them?etc etc. I'd like to know what you guys are using to get things going in preping the server prior to the installation i.e. popping the installer cd. Not sure if the installer Images includes these such tools.. please share your experience.


I have this problem too.
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techguy73 Mon, 08/16/2010 - 20:32

Guess my question was too broad, sorry about that. I'm preping an mcs 7835i2 server for UC713 install. Currently it's aborting and throwing error related to bios. I'll include the log from the dump after aborting as follows:

08/16/2010 09:37:08 ServerApiManager|In main with args -|getHardwareAttribute Vendor|- called file |/mnt/source/Cisco/base_scripts/| - and current mode=Legacy_Mode |
08/16/2010 09:37:08 ServerApiManager||Method: getHardwareAttribute args: Vendor|- current mode=Legacy_Mode completed with code [0]|
08/16/2010 09:37:08 ServerApiManager||Method: preBootHardwareSetup args: /tmp/hw_setup_log.txt /tmp/hw_setup_err.txt|- current mode=Legacy_Mode completed with code [1]|
08/16/2010 09:37:08 display_screen|Arguments: "Critical Error" "ERROR: did not find BIOS version file for 7835I2-2333 in " "Abort"|
08/16/2010 09:37:08 display_screen|Button label size information 66, 1, 66|
08/16/2010 09:38:36 anaconda|==

BIOS on the server is Ver: 1.12, I believe year 2008. After researching, it seems like there is a compatibility issue between this version of bios and what's been put in the UC installer cd to look for. The question is whether I need a downgrade or upgrade on bios, can only be known if I get to know what the UC cd is looking for so adjustments can be made to bios. For bios update i have to go to ibm. Not sure if anyone ran into this? would like your thoughts on it.

techguy73 Tue, 08/17/2010 - 12:19

Mathew, thanks for the link but don't have the contract against this update, throws a warning there. Guess server came from ibm. very stuck up situation.

techguy73 Tue, 08/17/2010 - 14:26

It's a cisco MCS 7800 series server, but surprisingly no record of it being supported under our contracts.


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