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Aug 12th, 2010

I have a publisher and subscriber in my set up. All phones should register on the publisher, and they do ( not many, maybe 200 ) but all ( the numbers on ) my ATAs register to the subscriber.

This would be fine, but I am going to move my subscriber to a different site, and when I do a test and disable it, although most of the ATAs register to the publisher, some do not and become unavailable.

I can't see where the setting is for the ATA to pick which box it registers with. Also, I cannot view the webpage of the ATAs.

Basically I would like the ATAs to register with the publisher


I recently added 2 new ATAs to the system, and they are configured for a new site. These ATAs register with the publisher and their webpage is available. But I cannot see the difference between the settings of the newly configured ATAs and the rest of them.

Thanks for reading. I hope you can help

I have this problem too.
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Tracy Larson Thu, 08/12/2010 - 09:50

Just as a small note, its best practice to register your phones to the subscriber to reduce the overall load on your publisher.

Also to get to some ATA's that have older code in them simply using the IP address in a web browser isnt enough you need to add dev to the end of it.

What do you have in your dhcp pool for option 150?

Charles Rayer Fri, 08/13/2010 - 02:30

Hi Tracy,

thanks for replying.

I am using /dev after the ip address of the ATAs, however I can only get to the new ones I configured, the older ones do not respond.

Also, the option 150 specifies the publisher followed by the subscriber. We have a minimal load on the publisher so are happy with that config at the moment.

Paul Reck Thu, 08/12/2010 - 23:52

Hi Charles,

in addition to Tracy's description of how to log onto the web page of the ATAs, I concur with her recommendation on where you should be registering your devices (+5) but as to your problem;

To register the ATAs to the Publisher they should have the Publisher as their primary callmanager in their callmanager group settings, and the subscriber second.  This can be found under the Device Pool settings for the phones on the CUCM servers.

If this is already set correctly it may be a routing issue. Are your Pub and Sub on the same subnet?  If not their may be a routing issue from the ATA devices to the Publisher.  Try pinging the ATA IP from the Publisher.



Charles Rayer Fri, 08/13/2010 - 02:45

Hi Paul,

thanks for replying.

Yes in the group settings it's the publisher followed by the subscriber. They are both on the same subnet and I can ping the ATAs from the Pub.

When I shut down the connection to the Sub, most of the ATAs register successfully with the Pub, although some do not and lose connection completely. The ones which do not successfully re-register, I can still ping them from the Pub.

The new ones I configured, which register with the Pub ok and whose webpage I can get to, have a firmware version of 3.1.0

Hope this helps

Paul Reck Fri, 08/13/2010 - 03:37

Hi Charles,

it's possible that the ones you can't reach are running a software versions earlier than 2.0 which require the web configuration page to be enabled using option 80# on the voice configuration menu.  To reach the voice configuration menu

  1. Connect an analog touch-tone phone to the port labeled PHONE 1 on the back of the Cisco ATA 186.

  2. Pick up the handset on the phone, and then press the Clear function button on top of the Cisco ATA 186.

    You should hear the initial IVR prompt.

    Note: The IVR cannot be used or heard if your phone is connected to the second port on the Cisco ATA labeled PHONE 2.

  3. You are prompted to enter a menu number followed by the # key. Key in the menu number using the touch-tone pad.



Charles Rayer Fri, 08/13/2010 - 09:08

Oh crikey, I hope not. I will try a local ATA and see how I go.

Can I not do a bulk update via the TFTP server?

subash cobi Wed, 11/02/2011 - 19:50


I have a similair issue.

My ATA 186 are registering to the PUB instaed of the SUB.

The IP Phones on the same device pool and dhcp are registering correctly to the SUB.

Anyone found a solution for this.


Luis Ramirez Thu, 11/03/2011 - 05:17


If you guys are running CUCM server version 7 or later and if the ATA 186 is not on the lates release (3.2.4) the ATAs can't fully take the configuration file from CUCM server since the ATA buffer is for 4k and the XML since CUCM version is at least 10K.

That is a know issue that causes registration issues and some other problems since you don't know what part of the XML is going to be taken.

I've seen this problem making weird issues and upgrading the ATA to the latest code, it works fine.

Also, an upgrade with CUCM is not possible due to the same XML issue, so to upgrade the ATA you need to upgrade the ATA, how?

Create a folder and store the ATA030204SCCP090202A.zup and the (XMLDefault.cnf.xml) files on it. 

Set the created folder as the root folder on an external TFTP server; again you can use software such as TFTPD32, Solar Winds, etc.

Set the external TFTP server as the TFTP server on the ATA by using the GUI web page (ATA web page).

After the ATA upgraded the firmware, point the TFTP server on the ATA back to CUCM IP address. (before doing this, make sure you upload the new firmware to CUCM)>

Please rate this post if it was helpful.


Luis Ramirez

subash cobi Fri, 11/04/2011 - 09:01

Hi Luis Ramirez,

You were right. It was due to the issue you mention.

Got it upgrade to the new firmware via my own TFTP server.

And then the ATA registered to the Sub.



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