How to Disable DHCP server in SRP 521W LAN side ?

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How do I disable / kill DHCP server on SRP 521w LAN side ?

I do not see any place, where there is a way til disable this feature / function.

I want to use the switch / router / AP in a std. M.S. Windows inviroment ( Server in AD and some workstations (wired / wireless)).

Should bee a simple task ( if you look in the manual ) but impossible in the real world.

My Cisco SRP 521W have firmware 1.01.09

Hope you are able to help me.

Thank you

Thyge DK

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Andrew Hickman Mon, 08/23/2010 - 01:58
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Hi Carl,

The method that you describe is the correct way to control DHCP use on the SRP.

Using the admin log in:

Interface Setup > LAN > VLAN Settings.

Then edit your VLAN interface and select either Static IP, or Dynamic IP if you would like the SRP interface to act as a DHCP client.

So in summary, if you wish to use DHCP Server, the process is:

1. Define the DHCP pool (i.e. the SRP interface server address and lease pool)

2. Assign the pool to a VLAN interface.  This statically addresses the interface and enables the DHCP server process.

Could you please point out the section of the admin guide that is incorrect?

Hope that helps,


Hi Andy.

It is not an easy task to point out where in the documentation it is written !

It does not written there at all !

It its one of the most basic task for a 3. party router to disable an internal DHCP function / server and in my humble opinion, it must have to be a radio button On / Off in the basic configuration setup / LAN menu just like the IP configuration in the WAN setup menu.

Although I am using cisco 2500, 2600, 1841 and Catalyst 2960, 2960, 3560, 3750 at a almost daily basis. It was NOT in my wildest dream in VLAN setup I would look for DHCP settings !!!

Even in your Linksys WRT products it is a radio button.

If you want my opinion, the most sensible thing to do was to write a new web interface for the SRP 521W with an DHCP On / Off function in the basic configuration / LAN menu.

Hope that gave some meaning.

Best wishes

Carl O. Thygesen


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