Cisco 1841 AUX port connection

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I have an 1841 router at a remote site that does not show the user name and password prompt when the modem is connected. Only a flashing cursor.

Using our intranet I can telnet to the router, then telnet thru the AUX port, I can configure the modem and get the proper responses back. I can send text by typing "hi mom" from the router to the modem and I can read and send text back through the modem back to the router.

I just can not get the login prompt to show.

The modem is a Hayes H08-15328c with the init string AT&F0Q1E0S0=1S37=9&K0&D0&W. All init string profiles are set to default before this init string is applied. This init string is the only one we can get the modem to connect on a regular basis. It is right out of Cisco documentation for the Hayes Accura modem.

Hayes has sent 6 strings to try, only one connects, but gives the same results just a flashing cursor.

The cable is an RJ-45 to RJ-45 rolled cable pin 1 is 8 on the other end I have tested the cable. I have the same modem adapter that 20 other working routers use successfully. There config is almost identical.

Has anyone had this problem.

I think I've met my Waterloo here.


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