SA500 Series IPv6 Tunnel Broker Configuration

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Aug 19th, 2010
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How do I set up my SA520W for IPv6 via an IPv6 Tunnel Broker?  I only know of Hurricane Electric and SixXS and I can't figure either one out.  If anyone recommends a different IPv6 Tunnel Broker please let me know.  I'm thinking it may not be possible to do this with this router.  If so then it would be great if this functionality were added to a future firmware.

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george.alfert Wed, 02/02/2011 - 06:16
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I recently upgraded my SA520W to firmware 2.1.18 and it seems like there is some new added IPv6 support.  I'm still not not sure how to configure an IPv6 tunnel to an IPv6 tunnel broker like Hurricane Electric or SixXS.

My ISP is only handing out IPv4 addresses for now.

Any help would be appreciated.

weilia Fri, 03/11/2011 - 17:56
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Hi George,

Please Find the steps to configure SA520 compatible with Tunnel Broker(Hurricane Electric).

-> Configure the IPv4 ISP address(In our case we have used Static Configuration) by opening Networking -> WAN -> IPv4 config.
-> Change SA520 device routing mode to IPv6 and IPv4 (Dual Stack) mode.
-> Enable 6to4 tunneling by selecting option in Networking -> IPv6 -> 6to4 Tunneling -> Enable Automatic Tunneling.
-> Configure/create IPv6 Regular Tunnel in Tunnel Broker site by choosing "Create Regular Tunnel option present. Please choose Linux-Net-Tools and show   config.
   For now we would recommend you to select the server option as "New York, NY, US" or "Dallas, TX, US" or "Chicago, IL, US" in Hurricane Electric Tunnel Broker site.
-> Go to -> SA520 -> Networking -> IPv6 -> IPv6 Static Routing page. Add Static route saying Destination as "Server IPv6 address",Prefix Length as "64", Gateway as "Relay mentioned in Linux-net-Tools mentioned in Tunnel Broker site. Configure metric as "3"
-> Enabled RADVD by selecting options in Networking -> IPv6 -> Router Advertisement page. Select Advertise Mode as "Unsolicited Multicast"

-> Add Advertisement Prefix for 6to4 with SLA ID as 123.
-> Enable IPv6 LAN DHCPv6 server in stateless mode.

-> Configure SA500 IPv4 ip address and DNS address. If your ISP won't support IPv6 DNS, please use the "Anycasted IPv4 Caching Nameserver:" mentioned under section "Available DNS Resolvers" in tunnel broker site.
-> Run dibbler client or IPv6 native client in stateless mode from IPv6 only aware LAN host. LAN host will receive IPv6 DNS information from SA500. You can verify it by checking "cat /etc/resolv.conf".
-> Check the connectivity between SA500 IPv6 LAN host and Tunnel Broker Server IPv6 address.
-> Try to resolve and browse IPv6 websites like "" or ""



george.alfert Sat, 03/12/2011 - 13:05
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Thank you for your reply.   But unfortunately I'm not able to follow your instructions with 100% certainty.  I need some clarifications.

Everything makes sense right up to this step which doesn't make sense:

     -> Configure SA500 IPv4 ip address and DNS address. If your ISP won't support IPv6 DNS, please use the "Anycasted IPv4 Caching Nameserver:" mentioned under section "Available DNS Resolvers" in tunnel broker site.

That step says to configure the SA500 IPv4 ip address and DNS?????  Isn't this already configured in step one?   Did you mean to say IPv6 here instead of IPv4?  And if so please clarify where as in which menu page to configure this step and where the numbers come from.

Also another quesiton it not required to configure ISATAP Tunnnel to Hurricane Electric?    Is this because of 6to4 Automatic Tunneling?

And one more question in your configuration there is a step where you says to enable 6to4 Automatic Tunneling and in the lastest firmware 2.1.18 release notes it has the following KNOWN ISSUE!  This sounds bad given the configuration you've listed.

Firmware 2.1.18 Know Issue:

     Ref Number: CSCte60926 - Unable to access IPv6 internet addressing when using 6 to 4 automatic IPv6


     Workaround None.

Should I downgrade to firmware 1.1.65?   Which firmware did you test with?

Also how is your "IPv6 WAN Config" page settings ?  Is it just set for DHCPv6?


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