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Aug 19th, 2010


I am currently doing an apprenticeship in a business here in France. They are using Cisco equipment ONLY. They have about 60 switches and they are doing some work to make the network bigger.... I am looking into the Cisco Switch 2960S and read many documents on CISCO website and others. This is very good.

I have read a french document from Cisco France (I think) on how to set up flexstack. This is also interesting and I had some questions which I found the answer for BUT I still have one or two unanswered.

1. When the 2 or 3 switch are connected with flexstack, I understood that one of them is the master and the others are the members. My question is : when you have 2 switches connected that way, when you go into configuring the switch ports, do you then see 48 ports (when you have connected 2x 2960S 24ports) ?

2. if the master goes down, then everything goes down, which will make sense, isn't it ? and the reason it is recommended to have a master as a spare ready. But how do you configure the spare in advance if he doesn't see the other switches ? Do you then configure your 2 or 3 switches, then do a copy of the configuration and download it to the spare one ahead of time ?

3. Do you have any PDF docs you may think will help me with all of this ?

Hopefully, you understand what I am asking for as I am a poor french man !!!


I have this problem too.
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Correct Answer by Lei Tian about 6 years 2 months ago

Hi Manu,

Your underhanding is correct.

1, you will see 48 ports, 24 ports for each slot.

2, Yes, you can manually configure a backup master by assigning the priority to the member switch.



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