Cat 6500 with QoS

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Aug 19th, 2010


We have two 6500s located in two sites. We have purchased a 2Mbps site-to-site L2 circuit(ethernet) from a service provider beween these two sites. We have connected the ends of this 2Mbps link to the 6500s.

We are carring multiple vlans on this L2 circuit. That means the ports are configured as "trunk" ports. I have a requirement to limit the speed that I give to each vlan on this trunk link. I configured policy-maps but could not apply them to interfaces. It gives below error messages when applied on vlan interface or gig interface.

On interfacce vlan


shape average command is not supported for this interface
Configuration failed!


On interface gig


MQC features are not supported in output direction for this interface

Can somebody help me in achieving my requirement. With or without 6500s.....

My whole requirements are:

1) Carring multiple VLANs on the site-to-site L2 circuit

2) Rate limiting all traffic to the speed of the L2 circuit

3) Rate limiting individual vlan traffic on the L2 circuit



I have this problem too.
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sudeera_mit Fri, 08/20/2010 - 00:30

Thank for the link jerry.

After going through several documents of several switches now i'm getting the feeling that no cisco switch supports shapping on "switch ports". Does anybody can comment on this?


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