Cisco Mobile 8.0 Desk Phone Integration and another issue...

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I am trying to setup the Cisco Mobile 8 app on my iPhone according to the Administration guide.  The first issue that I am running into is:

When a call comes into my desk phone, my iPhone will ring once and that's it.  The call then doesn't ring my iPhone anymore.  I changed the No Answer Ring duration to 24 seconds as suggested, but that didn't help any.

The 2nd issue I have is that when I try to put in my username in the Desk Phone integration section of the iPhone settings.  I can't.......

I click on the Status under Desk Phone integration, turn on the "Use Integration".  When I press the Username field, nothing happens.  The keyboard never appears.  I can click on the password section just fine, but it's no good if I can't provide a username.  This is happening on both the iPhones that I am testing.  I removed the iPhone app and reinstalled it, but that didn't change anything.

Can anyone offer any advice on what to try next?

We are running CUCM


I have this problem too.
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benjaminwatt Mon, 08/23/2010 - 14:33

First issue seems to be a bit strange. Does that one ring occur at the exact same time as your desk phone rings or is there a pause? Did you set the Delay Before Ringing Timer to 0? Just wondering if it's getting a very brief window of opportunity to ring.

For your second issue you need to enter the username against the 'CTI Control Username' field of the iPhone phone device created on the CUCM, you can't enter it on the iPhone, just the password as you discovered.

Thank you for the reply Ben.  I got the 1st issue resolved.  Thank you for that.  As far as the 2nd issue,  midway through the 1st ring on the desk phone the iPhone will ring once but stops before the 2nd ring on the desk phone starts.

You mention the Delay Before Ringing Timer.  Is this in the Remote Destination configuration?  That is the only place I could find that.  I don't have a Remote Destination setup for my.  There is one for our CIO, but the same problem occurrs with his iPhone.  His Delay Before Ringing Timer is set to 4000.

Thank you again for the reply and any other suggestions are greatly appreciated.




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