Configuration Manager Error - (-9986)Session to local database...

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Aug 24th, 2010

Hello guys, I'm with a little problem.

When I try to open the Configuration Manager in a Sprowler Server, and appears this error: (-9986)Session to local database could not be opened.

But i try to resolve this problem at ODBC Connection (ODBC Data Source). But all connections is ok.

I saw that some processes of distributor are oscillating(Distributor rclient). So I saw in distributor log this error:

10:24:49 dis-nm ICM\ucce\Distributor node error checking health of process rtc.
  Last API Error [109]: The pipe has been ended.
10:24:49 dis-nm Process rtc on ICM\ucce\Distributor is down after running for 0 seconds. It will restart after delaying 1 seconds for related operations to complete.

But in SQL Server, the Named Pipes is enable, in second position. I disable the Firewall but no success.

I don't able to open the Configuration Manager. Somebody can help me?


I have this problem too.
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jpsweeney77 Tue, 08/24/2010 - 12:04

What mechanism are you using to connect? If you are using RDP (Remote Desktop), be sure you are connecting with a Console connection since this is a DistributorAW. RDP without console will not alllow you to run Config Manager, Script Editor, etc on a Distributor AW, only a Client AW.

jpsweeney77 Tue, 08/24/2010 - 12:05

Actually, I see that you referenced the process windows which tells me your connected with some type of console connection so in that respect you should be fine. As Geoff mentioned, Named Pipes shoud definitely be first.

Eric Alisson Wed, 08/25/2010 - 09:46

Geoff and jpsweeney77,

I'm using the AW-Cliente, I am not acess the server by console or admin mode.

And the named pipes is the second because shared memory is set up in first position, named pipes in second and TCP/IP third.


Eric Alisson Thu, 08/26/2010 - 07:27

Sorry about hidden information.

I draw this professional diagram about the topology. Thanks everybody

OK, very good.

Just so I completely understand this ... On the Distributor AW, part of your Sprawler, can you use the Config Tool OK? If so, this means that the real-time feed is established to the Distributor and it can see the local database and so on.

Is the rtdist process running?

Now on the AW Client. Assuming  this is configured correctly, it connects to the Distributor. Check the rtdist process to see your client AW IP address connect. Do you see this?

(I feel like we have discussed this before)




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