Aaron Harrison Wed, 08/25/2010 - 00:43
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The phone will do the following things:

1) Request DHCP

2) If it gets option 150 succesfully (or some other options, but option 150 is the common one) it will attempt to TFTP files from the option 150 IP address

3) It will try to download term75.default.loads, which contains a list of the required firmware files (you can open that file and see them in notepad to verify you have the correct ones)

4) It will then download each of those files and install them

So - if you are confident you have DHCP and Option 150 set up, you can debug or monitor the logs on your TFTP server to see whether you can see the reuqests for files, and whether they are succesful.

If you don't have DHCP/Option 150 set up, start by setting that up.



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