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Allen P Chen Wed, 08/25/2010 - 15:18


If the iPhone is connected to your network via Wi-Fi, then it should be assigned an IP address in your internal network.  Therefore, you should be able to block access to particular websites using any type of URL filtering service.

If you have an ASA with the CSC-SSM, you can use the URL Blocking feature to block access to specific websites.  You can also use the URL-filtering feature to block similar websites (social networking such as facebook, myspace, etc).


However, the iPhone user can simply turn off Wi-Fi and switch to 3G to access any site...

Hope that helps!

Allen P Chen Thu, 08/26/2010 - 09:07


I just tested this on my CSC-SSM with my iphone behind the module.  If facebook is configured in the module for URL Blocking, then the facebook app does not have access to any updates.  You will see existing posts under Newsfeed, but you will not be able to pull down new posts.  Likewise, you will receive the "Connection Error" when accessing other sections within the facebook app (Profile, Friends, etc).

In looking at the captures on the ASA, the facebook app makes outbound attempts on port 80 (HTTP).  So the CSC-SSM should be able to block it just fine.

Hope that helps.


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