John Biederstedt Thu, 08/26/2010 - 07:34
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SW-32> (enable) sh mod
Mod Slot Ports Module-Type               Model               Sub Status
--- ---- ----- ------------------------- ------------------- --- --------
1   1    48    10/100BaseTX Ethernet     WS-X6148-45AF       yes ok
2   2    48    10/100BaseTX Ethernet     WS-X6148-45AF       yes ok
3   3    48    10/100BaseTX Ethernet     WS-X6148-45AF       yes ok
4   4    48    10/100BaseTX Ethernet     WS-X6148-45AF       yes ok
5   5    9     1000BaseX Supervisor      WS-SUP32-GE-3B      yes ok
6   6    48    10/100BaseTX Ethernet     WS-X6148-45AF       yes ok
7   7    48    10/100BaseTX Ethernet     WS-X6148-45AF       yes ok
8   8    48    10/100BaseTX Ethernet     WS-X6148-45AF       yes ok

Mod Module-Name          Serial-Num
--- -------------------- -----------
1                        SAL09486JGS
2                        SAL094975Q6
3                        SAL09486JAX
4                        SAL09486JCV
5                        SAD0948075L
6                        SAL09486JHX
7                        SAL09486JDC
8                        SAL094975LE

Mod MAC-Address(es)                        Hw     Fw         Sw
--- -------------------------------------- ------ ---------- -----------------
1   00-16-46-83-ee-64 to 00-16-46-83-ee-93 3.0    8.3(1)     8.5(3)
2   00-16-46-de-1e-70 to 00-16-46-de-1e-9f 3.0    8.3(1)     8.5(3)
3   00-16-46-06-2f-38 to 00-16-46-06-2f-67 3.0    8.3(1)     8.5(3)
4   00-16-46-b2-ea-08 to 00-16-46-b2-ea-37 3.0    8.3(1)     8.5(3)
5   00-15-2b-47-a5-36 to 00-15-2b-47-a5-37 4.2    12.2       8.5(3)
    00-15-2b-47-a5-2c to 00-15-2b-47-a5-37
    00-15-c7-9a-54-00 to 00-15-c7-9a-57-ff
6   00-16-46-b2-d5-c8 to 00-16-46-b2-d5-f7 3.0    8.3(1)     8.5(3)
7   00-16-46-b2-e3-f0 to 00-16-46-b2-e4-1f 3.0    8.3(1)     8.5(3)
8   00-16-46-84-69-64 to 00-16-46-84-69-93 3.0    8.3(1)     8.5(3)

Mod Sub-Type                Sub-Model           Sub-Serial  Sub-Hw Sub-Sw
--- ----------------------- ------------------- ----------- ------ ------
1   IEEE InlinePower Module WS-F6K-FE48-AF      SAL09486LLL 1.5    8.5(1128)
2   IEEE InlinePower Module WS-F6K-FE48-AF      SAL09497593 1.5    8.5(1128)
3   IEEE InlinePower Module WS-F6K-FE48-AF      SAL09486LRJ 1.5    113.0(4598)
4   IEEE InlinePower Module WS-F6K-FE48-AF      SAL0949753Y 1.5    8.5(1128)
5   L3 Switching Engine III WS-F6K-PFC3B        SAD0948048V 2.1
6   IEEE InlinePower Module WS-F6K-FE48-AF      SAL09486LTC 1.5    8.5(1128)
7   IEEE InlinePower Module WS-F6K-FE48-AF      SAL09486LPP 1.5    8.5(1128)
8   IEEE InlinePower Module WS-F6K-FE48-AF      SAL0949759B 1.5    8.5(1128)
SW-32> (enable)

Jerry Ye Thu, 08/26/2010 - 07:51
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  • Cisco Employee,

Interesting, this is the first time that I see a SUP32 didn't come with a MSFC2A. Seriously, I am not sure you can buy the MSFC2A alone, that is a Cisco sales team question.



vishwancc Fri, 08/27/2010 - 00:21
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Hi ,

Switches comes with PFC for L2 function it not necessary L3 MSFC is also there it depends what order you have placed.



Jerry Ye Fri, 08/27/2010 - 06:19
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  • Cisco Employee,

When I was a customer about 4-5 years ago, when SUP32 first came out. Account team told us that the SUP32 will default with MSFC2A and it cannot be excluded in order eventhought we want L2 only devices back then. This is part of the reason that I said I've not seen any L2 only SUP32 boxes.

kyukim Fri, 08/27/2010 - 10:46
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  • Cisco Employee,


I have checked our internal docs and cases.

Jeye is corret. all Sup32s are shipping only with PFC3B and MSFC2A.

Show mod doesn't show MSFC2a as you are running CATOS and CatOS can't recognize MSFC2A.

You can physically check SUP32 and verify it has MSFC2A then upgrade to IOS.


Jerry Ye Fri, 08/27/2010 - 10:57
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  • Cisco Employee,

Hi KK, thanks for verifying that for me and confirm my memory.

I am curious why slot 15 is not showing up in CatOS.



John Biederstedt Fri, 08/27/2010 - 11:57
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A TAC engineer thought it might be a hardware problem, since CatOS will show the msfc card in a 'show mod' command.  He opened a TAC for RMA for me.  I sent the output of show ver, show log, show tech to the TAC RMA tech.  The RMA TAC person said that this Sup32 had no physical msfc card, and if Cisco were to replace this Sup32 with one that had the card, there would an expence to make up the difference .

So far everything I've been able to find out is that there is no msfc upgrade for the Sup32, presumable because they all have it.

I have not yet reset the switch to see if the card starts showing up.  It can't be upgraded to IOS because I can't execute "switch console" to get to the msfc.  When I try, it tells me I'm connected to slot 15, and then does absolutely nothing.  I place tosis physically inspect the sup32 line at the next possible maint window and see if it looks any different than any of the other Sup32's in other 6509s.

This is a head scratcher for me.


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