linksys RV082 routing issue?

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Aug 26th, 2010
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I have a linksys router that I'm using on my cable connection.  I have a CIDR with 62 IP addresses.

I decided to split the CIDR into 2.

This is how I have the router configured

On the LAN side I have it configured with private IP addresses being the router.

I have one to one NAT configured for half my CIDR and it points 30 public IPs to 30 private ips. xx.xx.xx.xx~xx

That also works fine, the public IP addresses get pointed to their appropriate private addresses perfectly

The second half of the CIDR I decided to configure on the DMZ port of the linksys

I have it configured as xx.xx.xx.161

I got a server connected there, and it works fine.  It can ping and be pinged, etc etc.

The problem is that from the DMZ server, I can not connect to any of the lan servers using the public IP addresses.

So, a server configured behind the DMZ at IP xx.xx.xx.162 is not able to connect to a server behind the lan using the xx.xx.xx.131 for example, eventhough both are reachable from the outside through the public addresses.

If I'm on the server behind the DMZ and open up a web browser to browse a server behind the LAN using that servers public IP I get Linksys login prompt.  So I know this is a routing issue, I just can't figure it out, or if it's even possible.  Any help or thoughts is greatly appreciated

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