Software Pack 8.0.4 : download IOS separately?

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Now that 8.0.4 is out, I'm planning on doing my first UC500 upgrade (yay!)  I'm going throught CCA 2.2(5) admin guide and came across this:

NOTE When downloading CUE or IOS images from, use the tar version
of Cisco IOS images and a CUE package file for CUE software.

Does this mean I have to download IOS 15.0(1)xA3 separately, and that it is not part of the 8.0.4 zip file?

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Sorry guys, I was careless in reading the admin doc. It says:

The UC 500 Software Packs are large zip files that contain all necessary files for
the UC 500 Series platform. Each zip file contains multiple TAR/archive files and
other files for the component of the UC 500, including the
• Cisco IOS image for the UC 500 platform

However I would like to confirm that this file in the pack is the UC500 IOS:


Thanks !


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