VSOM Client on Windows 7

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Aug 30th, 2010
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I have tried everything I can think of to install the client on Windows 7 64 bit for VSOM 6

.3.  I am getting the following error:

Error 1904. Module ... \BWMSrcFltr.dll failed to register.  HRESULT -2147023782.  Contact your support personnel.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get around this?


Are the plugins compatable with 64 bit OS?  I just tried to force register the .dll and it said to make sure it was compatable with a 64bit os.

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Cory Blackman Tue, 10/19/2010 - 09:39
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Does Cisco have a resolution on this issue yet?  Anyone?

Danny Mainprize Tue, 10/19/2010 - 12:48
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They sure do....

They expect to possibly have it fixed on the next release the first quarter of next year.

$200,000 worth of equipment that should maybe work in another 6 months.

Cory Blackman Tue, 10/19/2010 - 21:34
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Okay, here's the way to make VSOM work on Microsoft's new OS (I was sucessfull on 64bit S7, thanks go to a very nice support person at Cisco!):

Step 1. Login to VSOM with your username and password at:


Step  2. When prompted for “This website wants to install the following  add-on: AXClient.cab”, click on the yellow security bar and choose  “Install This Add-on”.

Step 3. When prompted for “Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer”, choose “Yes.”

Step 4. When the “Welcome to the Cisco Video Surveillance Client Installation Wizard” appears, choose “Next”.

Step 5. Enter the Number of Cores in your processor in the field, and choose “Next”.

Tech Note Running Cisco Video Surveillance Operations Manager Client 6.3 on Windows 7 with IE 8 – UNSUPPORTED – Revision 1 Page 2 of 2

Step 6. Enter your Full Name and Description in the fields, and choose “Next”.

Step 7. Keep the default Destination Folder, and choose “Next”.

Step 8. Click “Next” to begin the installation.

Step 9. If the following message appears during installation, choose “Ignore”

Error 1904: Module BWMSrcFltr.dll failed to register.

Step 10. When the installation has been successfully finished, choose “Finish”.

Step 11. If prompted again to install the client (see Step 3), choose “No”.

Step 12. Close all Internet Explorer 8 windows.

Step 13. Go to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Cisco Video Surveillance\Client” and delete the files:



Step 14. Restart IE 8 and login to VSOM again at:


Step 15. If another add-in ActiveX prompt for “AXCamControl.cab” appears, choose “Install”.

Step 16. If another prompt for the “AXClient.cab” appears again, choose “Ignore”.

These are the steps that Cisco gave me, but i needed to modify it slightly to work.

First i ran the Client uninstall, then i deleted i the Client install folder.  Then as soon as the two mentioned DLLs showed up i renamed them and killed the IE8 process before Step 11.  Then i closed all the Client install pop-ups and windows.  After that it was safe to run IE8 and login to the VSOM server IP and install the CamControl as per Step 15, it may fail, but try anyways.

Then i closed IE8 again and re-started it and logged in to VSOM server - at this point i have to ALWAYS cancel the two pop-ups trying to start the VSOM Client install circle.  After cancelling the pop-ups the Client works fine, however, it will crash frequently as you switch from Ops to Admin for example, and IE8 will restart again where it left off (i have IE set to restore tabs).  It's a work-around and works well enough for smart users, but it is not supported and may not work for lay-people who may choose to click OK rather than Cancel, or may get fustrated as IE8 closes and loads the VSOM tab again.

Best of luck, regards,

Cory  =)


If you go into the VSOM Settings tab and disable the VMR, the crash between admin tabs and ops tabs should stop.  You loose some functionality, for example the bar at the top of the video that allows you to digitally zoom and take snapshots, but the snapshot button is also on the bottom right corner.  But this should help in the short term

Cory Blackman Thu, 11/04/2010 - 20:46
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Thanks Brian, good to know, IE8/9 will crash and re-start almost instantly between the Ops and Admin pages so i don't disable that functionality on customer clients.

Additionaly, i've found that *replacing* (rather than deleting or renaming) the C:/Cisco foobar/Client/d3d9.dll with C:/WINDOWS/System32/d3d9.dll works much better.  I also found that IE9 (still beta atm) works better than IE8.  Hope this helps!  =)

Danny Mainprize Mon, 12/13/2010 - 13:35
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Sweet.....Cisco just released VSOM 6.3.1 that addressed the Windows 7 issue.  Now to find the upgrade directions....


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