Mobile Voice Access(MVA) problem

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Hi Guys,

I based on the administrator guide to setup the mobile voice access features in my cucm7, but it's not work, when I dialed the number from outside, I hear "Your call cannot be completed as dial..." I summary the steps below, please check anything is missing or wrong, thanks for your help.

1. Create a remote destination number(RDN)

2. Create a remote destination profile(RDP) and associate with the RDN

3. Create a user, enable mobile voice access and select the RDP

4. Enable the Enterprise feature Access and Mobile Voice Access in service parameter

5. Configure the Mobile Access DN(520)

6. Configure the voice gateway


    service mva http://cucm_ip:8080/ccmivr/pages/IVRMainpage.vxml

   dial-peer voice 10 pots

    service mva

    incoming called-number 520


   dial-peer voice 20 voip

    destionation-pattern 5..

    session target ipv4:cucm_ip

    dtmf-relay h245-alphanumeric

    codec g711ulaw

I have this problem too.
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Chris Deren Mon, 06/04/2012 - 06:12

If you are hearing the same annunciator, that means CUCM is not configured properly for routing. Ensure the CSS applied to the GW can reach the MVA number. Debug isdn q931 would show this as number unassigned.


The Enable Voice ACcess is set to True

Mobile Voice Acces Number it is configured under service parameter

the CSS for Remote Destination is CSS_COS_1_noFAC which includes PT_Phones, this is the Partition assigned to MVA Number.

I'd like to attach a file, where explains all the problem.But since this is not my discussin not able to do it, I already open a discussion, the name for the discussion is "MVA cannot establish the call"


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