dial internal extension directly from outside (skip IVR prompt)

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Sep 5th, 2010

In my setup, there's a PSTN line connected to IVR. Anyone can dial PSTN number from outside and once the call is connected to IVR, he can enter the desired extension number. Assume PSTN number is 0114556677 and desired extension is 1000. Is there a way to dial at once this combination. I am not referring to assign DID for each extension. I am looking for a method to dial direct number followed by extension number using special code in between, where PSTN switch will identify only the PSTN number and once the call is connected to IVR, the PSTN switch will pass the extension number automatically.

Example: if the user dials 01145566771000 (Direct number followed by extension) the PSTN switch will rejected the call, because, it's trying the search the full number, where it's not available. But if we can use some kind of special code (please refer X of the below number) in between direct number and extension, where PSTN switch will identify the first part needs to be dial first and the second part needs to be sent once the call connected.

0114556677 X 1000.

anyone has idea what the "X" should be?

thank you

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techguy73 Sun, 09/05/2010 - 02:31

At once from a phone? I'd say NO to that one, since the PSTN dialing pattern is already completed to route the call to the destination number and anything after that e.g 1000 will be discarded, so once connected the 1000 has to be put in at that time. Remember there is a delay factor in here.

There is nothing like the "X" you specified however if you have a dialer software, you can try putting a few commas (,) in there and try if that works. Comma creates a delay. You can try it, and see if it helps anything.


Paolo Bevilacqua Sun, 09/05/2010 - 04:08

In other words, you want free DID.

Sorry, that is not possible, as the other person on this thread correctly explained.


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