Port forward inbound ICMP (for nagios monitoring)

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Sep 6th, 2010

Can you port forward inbound ICMP connections on an ASA firewall?

There doesn't appear to be the option to do this. Only tcp or udp

fw1(config)# static (INSIDE,OUTSIDE) ?

configure mode commands/options:
  Hostname or A.B.C.D  Global or mapped address
  interface            Global address overload from interface
  tcp                  TCP to be used as transport protocol
  udp                  UDP to be used as transport protocol

I suspect I'm going to need to configure a site-to-site VPN with the monitoring environment, and allow monitoring of the internal hosts over the tunnel?

Correct Answer by Kureli Sankar about 6 years 5 months ago

That is correct. ICMP does not use ports so, this is not possible.

You may want to do 1-1 static instead if you have an available IP address to spare.

You can read the rfc here: http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc792.html


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