Only 47 APs join to WLC-4402-50

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Why only 47 APs join to the controller 4402-50, the debug capwap errors enable show this:

(Cisco Controller) >

*Sep 07 11:52:33.700: 00:3a:98:f0:f0:f0 Join Priority Processing status = 0, Incoming Ap's Priority 1, MaxLrads = 50, joined Aps =47

*Sep 07 11:52:46.100: 00:3a:98:f0:f0:f0 Join resp: Unable to encode CAPWAP Control IPV4 Address

*Sep 07 11:52:46.100: 00:3a:98:f0:f0:f0 Failed to encode Join response to

*Sep 07 11:52:46.101: 00:3a:98:f0:f0:f0 Config Response Failure: Unable to send Join response to

*Sep 07 11:52:46.103: 00:3a:98:f0:f0:f0 State machine handler: Failed to process  msg type = 3 state = 0 from

*Sep 07 11:52:46.103: 00:3a:98:f0:f0:f0 Failed to parse CAPWAP packet from

*Sep 07 11:52:46.105: 00:3a:98:f0:f0:f0 Discarding non-ClientHello Handshake OR DTLS encrypted packet from DTLS session is not established

Can anybody help me with this? When I disconect another AP the AP join succesfully and when i connect the disconnected AP not join, alway only 47 join, doesn't matter what AP, the first 47 in arrive join to the controller.

Any idea?

I have this problem too.
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Correct Answer by Stephen Rodriguez about 6 years 1 month ago

Enable LAG, and reboot the WLC.  Even if only one port is connected.

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Stephen Rodriguez Tue, 09/07/2010 - 15:42

While we should be able to get 48 AP across a single port, it sounds like you are hitting an AP per-port issue.  Can you enable LAG or connect the other port an configure a second AP-Manager interface?

dennischolmes Thu, 09/09/2010 - 04:19

The limit Stephen is discussing was put into place to eliminate over subscription of a single sfp port utilizing only one AP manager interface. Enabling LAG equally distributes the traffic out one IP address using BOTH sfp ports from the physical layer perspective. You can also achieve this by adding a second AP manager interface and tying it to the second physical port. You must do one of these two to enable support for the additional 2 APs. When creating a new interface for the AP manager2 make sure that you allow it to dynamically manage the APs. If not, you will still have the same problem.


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