Tomas De Leon Tue, 09/07/2010 - 20:56
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Is the Presentation a DMD Presentation?

Is the Presentation & Playlist going to be stored locally on the DMP or

remotely on the DMM?

These questions are important in determining the steps to


But the easiest solution is creating a nested playlist

within a Master DMD Presentation.  You use the

Child Presentation URL address in the Master Presentation



T. Tue, 09/07/2010 - 21:15
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Thank for the quick reply .

Yes its a DMD presentaion and if the procedure vary from playing from the DMP and from the DMM remotely, can you please describe the both .


Tomas De Leon Wed, 09/08/2010 - 07:29
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the procedure is the same but how you find the URL is a little


Remote Asset:

- simply instruct the DMP to play the remote DMD presentation and then go to the

DMP and look at the start URL.  Copy that URL into your Master DMD Playlist.

- repeat the process for mulitple remote DMD presentations that you want to put in

a playlist.

Local Asset:

- simply use the DMS-CD package and deploy to the DMP.  The DMM will auto

generate a GO TO URL in the advanced tasks for the DMD presentation.  Find

the GO TO URL for the appropriate DMD prezo and copy the URL to your Master

DMD Playlist.

- Repeat the process as necessary.

Note:  I have already provided you detailed steps for this method on one of your

previous posts. 09/06/2010

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