Obsticles moving within WCS MAP Editor

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Sep 7th, 2010
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I have an issue whereby I import a floor plan into WCS and then open the map editor and draw over the map the wall obsticles so as to have the heat maps and RF predictions reflect the attenuation characteristics of the walls.

I save the map and at a later date reopen it only to find that the obsticle layer has moved or offset to the map. Considering that the floor layouts I have been editing are in some cases 40,000 sq meters in area, the number of walls to re draw constitutes major work.

I picked this problem up originally when my heat maps would suddenly be cut off mid room where the was no obvious obsticle. On opeing up the map editor I find that the overlay is offset by the same amout of the error in the heat maps.

The maps in question, beign floor layouts have nopt been moved in reference to their offset to their respective building plan.

The versions of code I am runnign is as follows:-




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jvonschmidt Thu, 10/14/2010 - 17:07
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I'm actually experiencing the same thing after editing a massive floor.  I remember on an older version of WCS that it would have issues if you zoomed in or out with out saving first.  Did you ever find a resolution?

graham.raines Thu, 10/14/2010 - 17:12
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No, never have resolved the issue. I have had a call with the TAC for a month or so now, they cannot duplicate the issue, so I have basically given up on a solution. Looks like I will have to wait for the new version of WCs to be released next year...... hopefully not with the same problem.

jvonschmidt Thu, 10/14/2010 - 17:36
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Awesome.  This is driving me nuts.  Everytime I open the Map editor it changes, so I was thinking I was doing something wrong.  I'd manually redraw the walls or move them, save, repoen and then the same thing.  Makes me feel a little more sane that some one else is experiencing this as well.  I've submitted a TAC case too, so I'll post if I hear anything different.  Did they mention anything about the amount of obstacles?  I tend to get very detailed and am thinking that this may be an issue.  I just don't want to delete my entire floor area to find out.

graham.raines Thu, 10/14/2010 - 17:50
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No mention of the number of obstacles. I too am very detailed on my map layouts. The only thing they came back to me was that I may have been inaccurately drawing the obstacles by not magnifying the floor plan enough. This was a bit of an insult.

I have had situaltions whereby I can open a map one day and it is out of sync, and next it appears fine ( or almost).

I also have problems whereby i cannot get to the lower right portions of the floor plans when magnified as it is off the screen. I currently have 9 major hospital campuses with numerous buildings in each, some with up to 12 floors. Each floor layour is as detailed as I can possibly make it, and the thought of re doing these maps is somethign i just do not want to go to!

What the TAC finally got me to do was to tunr on logging and record when instances happened. The only problem here is that if you do not know or cannot repeat an instance of teh map going out of sync, how do you record the logging.

As I stated, I have basically given up on finding a resolution as I think it goot all too hard for Cisco to identify the actual issue.

gphilebaum-nrh Thu, 05/12/2011 - 15:02
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I was wondering if anyone has any updates on this.  We're experiencing the same issue.

WCS version 7.0.172

I redesigned some maps, so I drew all new obstacles.  Saved it, and re-predicted the RF.  I noticed the heat maps cut off in the wrong places.  I brought the map back into the editor, and the obstacles were all offset.  The top left corner was correct as if it is anchored there.  The farther right and down it goes, the more offset things are.

I moved them all back into place, re-saved the map, re-predicted the RF, and ended up with the same results.  Opened it back up in the editor, and they were offset again. I did this three times to make sure it wasn't a Firefox/IE flash issue.  It's not.  They perform identically using windows-7 or Linux.  It looks like something server side.

There's about 900 obstacles, so I'm done messing with it.

Thanks for any help anyone may have.

gphilebaum-nrh Fri, 05/13/2011 - 11:17
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I grabbed some coffee this morning, and dug into this deeper to help find out what's happening.  Here's what I discovered.

1. I place my obstacles, save and close the editor (do not predict RF at this time).  I then predict the RF from within the main WCS interface.  When it's finally finished, the heatmap doesn't look right.  Bringing the map back into the editor shows the obstacles are offset.

2.  I place my obstacles in the editor.  This time, I predict the RF from within the map editor.  When it's finished, the heatmaps look correct.  I bring the map back into the editor, and the obstacles are in the correct place.

I appears that by predicting the RF from within the editor the obstacles are locked into place correctly.

After doing #2 above, I then re-postioned an AP in the WCS and re-predicted.  The heatmaps stayed correct.  I brought the map into the editor and it still showed correct.

Hope that helps.

gphilebaum-nrh Mon, 05/16/2011 - 11:43
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Looks like i spoke too soon.  Working on a different map today, the obstacles offset again every time it's sav

ed/computed whether computed in the map editor or the main WCS app.  Guess I just got lucky that one time and they stayed put.

jvonschmidt Mon, 05/16/2011 - 11:45
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I believe it's a bug that's resolved in the next release, but I'm not ready to upgrade yet.

powys Tue, 04/23/2013 - 08:36
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The movement of the obstacles seems to be related to (or at least exacerbated by) any change in the aspect ratio of your browser. Resizing the map editor window from a widescreen display to a 4:3 display, for example, will push everything out of alignment. Still the case on


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