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We have a corporate office that has CallManager 7.X and Unity 7.X We also have a remote site that is running CallManager 6.X and running off our Unity box. My issues are listed below

If corporate calls them via extension and they answer everything is fine. Both parties can hear each other. If it goes to voicemail it is fine. Everything works.

If remote site calls us via extension and we answer everything is fine. Both parties can hear each other. If it goes to voicemail then no audio is passed. They can hear the person's greeting but can't leave a message. Unity doesn't even recognize a voice and it hangs up the call.

The strange part is some phone work at the remote site and can leave corporate a voicemail and it comes through fine. Some phones don't work. We tried plugging the working/non working phones switch ports to see if it was port related and the problem follows the phone not the port.

I compared the phones and nothing is different at all between them as far as how the phone is programmed. I hit the i button and notice both the working phone and non working phone are using G.729 for the call. Also both the sender and receiver packets are incrementing for both the working and non working phone.

Does anyone have any insight on what to check next?


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jhitt-limited Tue, 09/21/2010 - 08:27
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Did you ever figure this out?  Two things I would be interested in knowing would be if the phones are using the same Device Pool, particulary the Call Manager Group (same subscriber) and MRGL, and the ip addresses involved to see if there could be a subnet mask problem.

The phones at the remote location are in the same Device Pool, same CallManager group and MRGL. The IP address scheme is the same. they are all on a subnet.

When we hit the question mark on the phone to get more info on call. Both from a working phone and not working phone are gettin gthe exact same info on the call. Both use G.729, both phones have the receiver packets increment right up until the beep and the sender packets increment through out.

jhitt-limited Tue, 09/21/2010 - 09:27
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Well, you've probably checked this too, but my next point of interest would be Unity.  Are these user accounts setup the same?  Have you tried putting a different number on one of the phones that doesn't work and see if that makes a difference?  It is possible to setup a user that takes a message from an internal caller and doesn't take a message for an external caller.  I wonder if the internal greeting is active?  But beyond that, I'm afraid I'm out of suggestions and would like to know what TAC has to say.

All Unity accounts work fine. It's just some callers can't leave a message for someone else. So the Unity box wouldn't make sense. So Caller A from Building 2 calls Caller B at Building 1 and Unity picks up Caller A can leave Caller B a message fine. But then Caller C from Building 2 calls Caller B at Building 1 and Unity picks up, Caller C can't leave a message for Caller B. So Caller B's Unity box is set up correctly. Because it will accept voice mails from anyone at Building 1, outside callers, just some callers from Building 2 can't leave voice mails to anyone in Building 1.

I hope I didn't confuse you. It's a bizarre problem.

jhitt-limited Tue, 09/21/2010 - 11:18
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OK, I'm not an expert, but it is a weird problem and you've got me interested, so I'm going to keep guessing.  I hadn't caught that it was the phones making the calls that were having the problem.  Have you webbed into those phones and checked the stream stats during the call and compared them to one that works?  The information is a little different from what you get when you press the ? button.  I'd be interested if there are any differences there.  It seems the only difference then between a working phone and a non-working phone is the phone number and the ip address.  Are these phone numbers also subscribers in Unity?  Can they access any users in that Unity box (are there users from other buildings in that Unity box)?

jhitt-limited Tue, 09/21/2010 - 11:26
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And have you watched port status monitor in Unity for these calls?  I'm wondering if you would see anything happening there.  Just brainstorming...


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