Can't get *.cnf.xml files via tftp

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Sep 9th, 2010
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While trying to debug anotherSPA525g issue, I decided to take a look at the *.cfn.xml to see exactly what was being delivered to the phone.

I was under the impression, mayb wrongly so, that I could just tftp to the UC500 and request the *.cfn.xml file as follows:

D:\Sharing\Temp>tftp get SEP68EFBD28F48C.cnf.xml
Timeout occurred
Connect request failed

As you can see, the request timesout

On the UC540 I see the following in debug:

000460: Sep  9 23:18:19.843: TFTP: Looking for SEP68EFBD28F48C.cnf.xml
000461: Sep  9 23:18:19.843: TFTP: Opened system:/its/XMLDefault525G.cnf.xml, fd 14, size 1627 for process 183
000462: Sep  9 23:18:20.847: TFTP: Looking for SEP68EFBD28F48C.cnf.xml
000463: Sep  9 23:18:20.847: TFTP: Opened system:/its/XMLDefault525G.cnf.xml, fd 15, size 1627 for process 213
000464: Sep  9 23:18:25.847: TFTP: Looking for SEP68EFBD28F48C.cnf.xml
000465: Sep  9 23:18:25.847: TFTP: Opened system:/its/XMLDefault525G.cnf.xml, fd 16, size 1627 for process 215
000466: Sep  9 23:18:36.847: TFTP: Looking for SEP68EFBD28F48C.cnf.xml
000467: Sep  9 23:18:36.847: TFTP: Opened system:/its/XMLDefault525G.cnf.xml, fd 17, size 1627 for process 250
000468: Sep  9 23:18:44.843: TFTP: Finished system:/its/XMLDefault525G.cnf.xml, time 00:00:25 for process 183
000469: Sep  9 23:18:45.847: TFTP: Finished system:/its/XMLDefault525G.cnf.xml, time 00:00:25 for process 213

Looks like the UC540 is just spinning its wheels, and never delivers a file.

I double checked the file requested, its actually from a cut and paste of another debug I captured earlier by rebooting the actual phone in question..

Should I be able to get the file via this method, or am I understanding this all wrong?



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Steven DiStefano Thu, 09/09/2010 - 16:37
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I usually do tftp from the uc500. But i usually do it to from flash: not system/its

Example copy flash: tftp

Instead of pulling it off, try to change directory to system:/its and do a 'more' on that file. If it's not more it's 'type', I forget, but you can read it in place.

chris parkinson Thu, 09/09/2010 - 17:05
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The odd thing is that I can't find the SEP68EFBD28F48C.cnf.xml file anywhere, from the tftp debug output I suspect it doesn't exist, or maybe its being built on the fly.  The fact that a reguloar TFTP client is unable to pull it got me concerened, how can I be sure it was delivered to the phone?

I really wanted to take a look at it to see what was being delivered to the phone.




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