VPN between a static Cisco 2821 and dynamic behind NAT cisco 877

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I have a Cisco 2821 which has a static IP and I have anothe Cisco 877 which is behind NAT and the router that this cisco is connected to has a ADSL connection (Dynamic IP).

{(A) |Cisco 2821 (Static IP)|}<----> INTERNET<--->  {(B)|ADSL Router (Dynamic IP)| <----> | (C)Cisco 877 - behind NAT , static IP |  <---> (D) My computer}

{Remote Network with Static IP}      <---->   INTERNET   <--->   {My Network with Dynamic IP}

A  <----> INTERNET <---> { B, C, D }

Is there a way to make a VPN connection between A and C , so my computer that is connected to C can use the VPN connection?

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Federico Coto F... Sat, 09/11/2010 - 15:34


You want to establish a VPN between the 2821 and the 877 correct?

There's no problem on the 2821 side since it has a static IP.

I see two way to accomplish this:

Eazy VPN --> so that you a VPN connection between both ends (2821 will be the server and 877 the client).

Site-to-Site --> using a static-to-dynamic configuration



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