David Hailey Sun, 09/12/2010 - 20:56
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This is actually a CCM Service Parameter.  By default, the parameter is set to 4 but the maximum is 128 and depends on the capabilities of the conference bridge as well as whether you are using hardware or software conferencing resources.  A very common value I've found customers use is 6 or 8...but again, depends on your environment.

The parameter is called:

Maximum MeetMe Conference Unicast


This parameter specifies the maximum number of participants that are allowed in a single Unicast Meet-Me conference. The value of this field depends on the capabilities of the software/hardware conference bridge; for example, a software conference bridge conferences up to 128 participants. When a conference is created, the system automatically reserves a minimum of three streams, so specifying a value less than three allows a maximum of three participants.


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