Cisco vpn client unable to get certificate

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hyeh Tue, 09/14/2010 - 11:36

Hi Jesper

You need to open a DOS prompt, and change the directory to where the QuickVPN is installed

1: Click cmd.exe from C:\Windows\System32

2: cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Cisco Small Business\QuickVPN Client"

Use the openssl.exe program (contained in that directory) to get the certificate from your

SA500 and save it into a file called "cert.pem"

> openssl.exe s_client -showcerts -connect x.x.x.x:443 > cert.pem

NOTE: where "x.x.x.x" is the WAN IP address of your SA500

hyeh Tue, 09/14/2010 - 11:44

Or, you can just download the certificate from your SA500 directly.

Click the "Download" button in Administration->Authentication->Download Router Certificate

Save the certificate in your  QuickVPN directory with the name cert.pem


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