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I have two cameras set up on a LAN. The configuration is the same except for different fixed IP (one is on port 1111 and the other on port 2222). In one case of, the router can resolve the camera name and it shows up as a device.  In the other case, the router does not see it and I cannot access it in IE the name. I can, however, fully access via the IP and it also shows up as a device in Windows 7. The only other thing I can see different is the firmware, for (that works) it is 1.1.0 while for the other is 1.1.1. I intend to port forward in the router so doing this by IP would not usually be an issue in this case the router will only let me do it by name. Anyone have any suggestions?


I have this problem too.
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macantu Tue, 09/14/2010 - 15:27

Can you create unique host names for the 2 cameras?

For example CAM1 and CAM2, then forward the host name you want to view remotely.

Thanks for responding. Both cameras are named in the basic settings screen. The router seems to treat it as a host name for one of them e.g. CAM1 but not CAM2...Windows can resolve the same host name e.g. ping CAM1 but not CAM2. Icould put it in LMHOSTS to get around it but my issue is odd in that port forwarding has to be done by host name in the router so this will nothelp.



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