UCCE 7.5 CTIOS Logout pending

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Sep 13th, 2010

With a UCCE 7.5 I have an Agent stuck in the following state:

opctest output:

>>>>dagent 34522

HashIndex=256 SkillTargetID=7337 PeripheralNumber=34522 ExtensionNumber=(0) ConfigExtension=-1(-1) InstrumentNumber


     AgentDeskSettingsID=5009 ConfigSkillGroupIDSize=2 AgentPassword={enc:1}1B2M2Y8AsgTpgAmY7PhCfg==

   EnterpriseName=COP_GM.34522 Description= UserDeletable=T

   FirstName=Laura LastName=Bonora LoginName=34522

     ConfigSkillGroupID[0] -  5000 (SkillGroup=2984 SkillPriority=0)

     ConfigSkillGroupID[1] -  5044 (SkillGroup=10018 SkillPriority=0)

     ActiveGroupAssignmentSize=2 StateSize=2 DurationCurrentStateSize=2

     ActiveGroupAssignment[0] -       -1 (0xffffffff) Priority=255 State=AS_LOG_OUT DurationState=0

     ActiveGroupAssignment[1] -       -1 (0xffffffff) Priority=255 State=AS_LOG_OUT DurationState=0

                ConfigParam= SupervisorAgent=N

                ConfigParam= AgentLoginDisabled=N

     OnACall: F PrevState: AS_LOG_OUT PendPrevState: AS_UNKNOWN

     CurrSkillIdx: -1 DefSkillIdx: -1 NTID: -1 UnavailReqID: -1

     NumActCalls: 1   WrapupData:      SubState: (0x9): LOGIN BUSY

     AgentCache: deviceNetworkTargetID = -1, agentSkillTargetID = -1, agentState = AS_UNKNOWN

When I try to login using this AgentID (which is 34522) the CTIOS Agent Desktop returns the following message in a msgbox:

"IPCC Error [10108] You may not change to the requested state from your current state"

I tried to use "resetas 34522" command within the procmon utility, but it retuns a message saying that the logout is pending.

How can I possibly unlock this agent state?


I have this problem too.
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cndilip123 Mon, 09/13/2010 - 19:10

You can try to reset the IP Phone on the call manager or recycle the phone directly - This should log-out the agent.



edimarzio Tue, 09/14/2010 - 01:11

Many thanks for you suggestion!

Unfortunately I already tried to reset , and to restart the phone. Now the agent is working with another login on the same phone, at it works great. If I try to use the stuck login on another phone (which works normally) it doesn't work anyway. The problem seems to be related to the agent login rather than to the phone.

I know that probably cycling the PG it will reset this situation, but I would like to understand how to reset these kind of problems without restarting everything.

vyapaka85 Wed, 01/12/2011 - 10:00

I am exactly facing the same issue randomly. Is there any solution for this without having to recyle the PG ?



Deepak Mehta Wed, 09/07/2011 - 00:38

Hello Cisco,

why do we get this IPCC error 10108.( agent cannot change state to ready).What is the reason.??


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