CUCM 7.1 Subscriber backup failure

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Sep 14th, 2010

Hello all. I have a customer who is running CUCM 7.1 & over the last couple of nights has had failed backups, but only from the two Subscribers. The Pulisher is backing up fine.

Here are the error messages we are seeing from the DRS status


Feature : CCM

Component : SYSLOGAGT

Time Completed: 2010-09-13-13-51-22

Result Code : 1

Result String : ERROR


file / does not exists for backup





Feature : CCM

Component : CLM

Time Completed: 2010-09-13-20-17-09

Result Code : -1

Result String : The component CLM was not backup as the dependant component PLATFORM has failed.


The only error he is seeing from RTMT is

"DRF was unable to backup component MOH. Error:Incomplete Parameter

AppID : Cisco DRF Master



The Cluster has all been restarted, that is actually rebooted node by node & all relevant services have been restarted. Any ideas?

I have this problem too.
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lowfell Tue, 09/14/2010 - 07:05

Sure there no sync errors between pub and subs?  (dbreplications)

Thanks for the reply. Where would he see this type of error. would they appear in the DRS status log messages?

markdoney1 Thu, 04/07/2011 - 07:56

Did you get a resolution to this ? I am seeing exactly the same issue on our server, we are running CUCM 8.0.2

Tommer Catlin Fri, 04/08/2011 - 11:01

Did you just upgrade from an older version?   IE  7.x to 8.x?   You may have something wrong in the certificates if I rememver correctly.  They will need to be regenrated to make this work correctly.    DRS will fail if the certs do not match up.  I had this problem when I went to set up DRS, it failed right off the bat..  I had to go through a process to regenerate the certs on the OS page, then DRS worked fine. (this was 8.5, but seen in 7.x also).  Any error messages like the DRS master is unreachable or unavailable?

If DBreplication is not working correctly, then this could cause DRS to stop as well.    Check the Database Status in RTMT.  You should see 2 2 2 6 (for Pub, Sub Sub)

markdoney1 Mon, 04/11/2011 - 01:48

Could have been that the certificate on the sub didnt match what was on the SFTP server.  We are using freeftpd.  I found that after I reinstalled freeftpd it backed up fine.  Thanks for your comments.

gkelly Tue, 07/19/2011 - 15:58

We're seeing exactly the same issue here, but only for our secondary backup job. I.E. we have a backup job scheduled to run the same backup to two seperate tftp servers at different times (its a long story but lets just say its easier to do that than to copy from one backup server to the other).

Mark are you implying that Cisco DRS can only back up to ONE sftp server and can only store ONE certificate? I thought that it should automatically accept the certificate from whatever backup target was created.


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