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Sep 14th, 2010

I have P2P ospf with two router and two router is down or or passive interface default adj. is gone but in sh ip protocol command it show the RID of neighbors? why? and how long should display?

RTR1#show ip protocols

Routing Protocol is "ospf 65534"

Outgoing update filter list for all interfaces is not set

Incoming update filter list for all interfaces is not set

Router ID

Number of areas in this router is 1. 1 normal 0 stub 0 nssa

Maximum path: 4

Routing for Networks: area 0 area 0 area 0

Passive Interface(s):








Routing Information Sources:

Gateway Distance Last Update 110 00:41:42 110 00:41:42 110 00:39:27

Distance: (default is 110)


please help us..

I have this problem too.
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Peter Paluch Tue, 09/14/2010 - 08:43


If you are referring to the fact that the show ip protocols output shows your the RIDs of routers you do not have an active adjacency with then that is normal. The "Routing information sources" section for OSPF contains RIDs of all routers who have advertised a network that was placed in your routing table. Moreover, this output also shows routers that do not exist anymore - it is simply an overview of all routers that exist now in your OSPF area or that did exist some time ago that contributed information to your own routing table. It's an historical overview, not a current router listing.

Best regards,


abhi-adte Fri, 09/17/2010 - 05:23

Ok but after gone my adj. then also same entry is there so How I can clear..

Peter Paluch Fri, 09/17/2010 - 05:30

Hello Abhinay,

Honestly, I don't know if the list of gateways in the show ip protocols can be cleared. I have not found a command for it and I have always considered that output to be cumulative. Obviously, it gets cleared after a reboot but that's hardly a feasible way to go.

Perhaps some other friends here will provide their insight into this.

Best regards,



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