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Sep 14th, 2010


This question comes from our CSC facebook community.http://www.facebook.com/CiscoSupportCommunity

Ahmed Shaheen greetings everyone, simply; if my WAN is advertised on OSPF 1 and my LAN is advertised on OSPF 2.
why can't OSPF 2 come up!
all settings are defualt.

I have this problem too.
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Peter Paluch Wed, 09/15/2010 - 01:35


It would be best if the original post from the Facebook wa posted here directly as this issue will require more information than the author of the question provided. So far it is only clear that there is some problem with the OSPF but all other details have to be guessed at best. In any case, concluding from the post, the guy is running two OSPF processes while there is no reason to do that. First step in troubleshooting this issue is therefore to convert the configuration to use a single OSPF process only.

If this issue is to be solved further, it is necessary to see the configuration and the output of the commands show ip route, show ip protocols, show ip ospf, show ip ospf neighbor and show ip ospf interface brief.

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