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Sep 16th, 2010

How does one determine how large they can make the http client cache memory pool without crashing the Gateway?

I have this problem too.
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The default memory pool size for the http client cache is 10 Mb. The recommended cache pool size depends on the available system memory and the user’s applications. Frequently used files should be cached to improve performance. So the user should total up the sizes of

most commonly used application files and media files to come up with his desired cache pool size. Any URL data that cannot be fitted into the available memory in the cache will not be cached. Configuring a zero (0) value for the http client cache memory pool effectively turns off the caching feature.

Configuring a portion of the router memory as a cache pool for the http client does not mean that amount of memory is immediately set aside exclusively for the http client. The http client grows its cache memory pool on an as-needed basis. It allocates memory along the way as more and more http URLs are fetched into the router.

I have used 50Mb. How big is your router RAM?



Mr_toad1_2 Thu, 09/16/2010 - 13:52

I already know the pool could not accommodate all way files but they add up to 0.98 GB.

Oh, well there you go! Man, that is a lot of prompts.

I have no guidance from Cisco, but I would be uncomfortable with assigning more than 100MB of your present RAM to the cache. If you increased the memory of the router to 1GB, I would be comfortable assigning all the extra memory to the cache.

I think you need the manufacturer's guidance on this one.




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