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I am trying to set up directed call park on a new UC560 installation.

I added call-park system application to telephony service in the CLI.

I added a new ephone-dn:

ephone-dn  300
number 5000
park-slot directed
description park-slot for MPS_JSS

They have 4 digit extensions.  Ideally, they would like the park slot to be 2 digits but i am walking before I run.

I can transfer a call to extension 5000.  It puts the person on hold.  I cannot retreive the call.

Anyone have ideas?

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Steven DiStefano Thu, 09/16/2010 - 13:13
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Jason, I did not know Directed call park is a feature supported on UC560.  Is it in the Feature Description Guide?

I am looking at my ephone-template and my call park config (done with CCA) and it has only PARK.

If I have one park slot, it goes there all the time.  If I have more than one, it seems to share, but always reflects on the phone parking the call, where (which slot) it went.

It is probably not officially supported but the customer wants it so I have to try.  It seems like it almost works.  In the instructions, it says you have to dial a prefix before the parked extension to pick it back up.  I don't see how to program the prefix.

I will give you the scenario for what we are trying to accomplish.  The operator gets a call.  She calls the person to transfer.  They tell her to park it because they are on another call.  She can't tell them where it is parked because it has not been assigned yet.  She would have to hang up with them, park the call, then call them back with the slot number.  Seems pretty inefficient if you ask me.

It is not supported but it is working great.  The extensions onsite were 4 digits and it did work to make the park slot 2 digits.  It has been working about 3 weeks with no problems.

1. Add commands to telephony-service in config
Config t
call-park system application
fac custom dpark-retrieval #1 ß the standard code to retrieve parked calls is **10 before the number.  Using this command will change the prefix to #1.

2. Create ephone-dn’s for park slots

ephone-dn  300

number 50

park-slot directed

description park-slot for MPS_JSS



ephone-dn  301

number 51

park-slot directed

description park-slot for staff



ephone-dn  302

number 52

park-slot directed

description park-slot for Rest_of_Staff

Instructions for use:

To park call, transfer the call to the park slot using the transfer softkey on the phone.

To retrieve call, dial the prefix + the park slot extension


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