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Sep 16th, 2010
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Does anyone have instructions on how to convert a .wav or mp3 file to the proper .raw format using CoolEdit?  Other posts here recommend using Cool Edit and I know the file requirements for the file format.  I just cannot seem to get it right becuase the converted files are mostly played as static with the sound faintly in the background.  I have spent WAY too much time trying to get what I thought would be a simple task to work!

(CUCM 7.x, 7945 phone with SCCP45.8-5-3S)

Thanks in advanced!

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John Powell Fri, 09/17/2010 - 10:47
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This worked out for me.  Although I am using two applications to create a single ringtone, the Phone Designer application did convert the file to the proper format with no issues in the playback. I still am using Cool Edit to fade-in/out and saving a segment of the entire file to the required 20 seconds.  In this situation, we did not want to allow end users this capability, and it was not feasible to connect to 1000+ phones to change.

For the sake of others who may read the post, here's what I had to do:

  1. Use Cool Edit (or other editing applications) to edit the music file as needed.  The ringtone in CM needs to be no more than 20 seconds.  I also used the fade in and fade out effects.
  2. Install Phone Designer application.
  3. In CUCM, go to System>Enterprise Paramaters>Phone Personalization=Enable   (Note:  According to documentation, the phone personalization should be able to be changed on the Phone>Device, however, I did not find any setting to change for this and so used the Enterprise Parameters.  I later changed the setting back to Disable.)
  4. Open Phone Designer
  5. Enter a username and password of a CUCM User.
  6. Enter the IP address of the Publisher
  7. Import the desired file for the ringtone.  (I used a .wav file.)
  8. Retreive the file from c:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\Cisco\Cisco Unified Phone Application\Data\Ringtone
  9. Download the Ringlist.xml file, edit it accordingly, and upload it back to the server. (Case sensitive file names!!)
  10. Upload the converted file (which is a .raw file) to the MOH servers.
  11. Change the ringer to the desired ringtone.
  12. Change the Phone Personalization back to Disable.


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