Transcoder doesn't works when communicating with CCM4.2

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Sep 21st, 2010
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Hi all,

I'm experiencing a transcoder problem.

I explain :

I have 2 CUCME (CCME1 and CCME2), and 1 CCM4.2 (CCM42)

Transcoders and MTP are configured in each equipment.

All calls are in G729 : Wan Calls

But in each CUCME, there are CUE 7.0.5 using SIP. Communication in each CUCMe<-> CUE are in G711ulaw.

In the CCM, calls to all CCME are in G729 (using region).

1. When I make call from CCME1 to CCME2 : DSP works fine

We can see on the "show sdsp session"  :

Stream-ID:9 mtp:2  18036  Local:2000 START 
usage: Ip-Ip                       
codec:G711Ulaw64k  duration:20 vad:0 peer Stream-ID:10

Stream-ID:10 mtp:2  17724  Local:2000 START 
usage: Ip-Ip                       
codec:G729  duration:20 vad:0 peer Stream-ID:9

2. Call between CCM4.2 and CCME1 : DSP works fine

Stream-ID:7 mtp:3  16410  Local:2000 START 
usage: Ip-Ip                       
codec:G729  duration:20 vad:0 peer Stream-ID:8

Stream-ID:8 mtp:3  17370  Local:2000 START 
usage: Ip-Ip                       
codec:G711Ulaw64k  duration:20 vad:0 peer Stream-ID:7

3. But calls bettween CCM4.2 and CCME2 doesn't works

Stream-ID:3 mtp:2  0  Local:0 IDLE  
usage: Ip-Ip (Res)                 
codec:G711Ulaw64k  duration:20 vad:0 peer Stream-ID:4

Stream-ID:4 mtp:2  0  Local:0 IDLE  
usage: Ip-Ip (Res)                 
codec:G711Ulaw64k  duration:20 vad:0 peer Stream-ID:3

Configurations are the same

so What could be the reason that the CUCME2 cannot complete the transcoding?

Best regards,


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iantra123 Tue, 09/21/2010 - 07:50
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In addition,

IOS are the same Advipservice 12.4.24T2

Routers are the Sameversion

CUE are the same version

configuration are the same.


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