WAAS and Bluecoat for Proxy on the same wccp command set

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Bhavin Yadav Thu, 09/23/2010 - 14:28


Yes. You can use WAAS with 61/62 and WCCP to Bluecoat for Proxy with service groups say 10,20,30 40 on same command set?

But one thing you want to avoid is - overlapping ACLs. Each WCCP group should have unique non over-lapping ACL.

Plus one more caution you want to take - try using custom-defined WCCP groups 90 - 97 instead of using any pre-defined wccp groups as that is known to cause unexpected redirection issues.


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Thanks for the reply.

U mean we can change the default WCCP 61/62 to custome groups 90-97? On CM gui there is not option to change ..Service Type:           TCP Promiscuous (61/62)

It is not possible to use non-overlapping ACL because at same choke point we can catch both of below traffic.

1. all inside traffic has to go to internet through bluecoat.

2. Branch traffic that needs to access inside network. Branch traffic proxy resides at their location.

Bhavin Yadav Fri, 09/24/2010 - 15:34


No. You should use 61/62 for WAAS but not forBluecoat. Please use 90-97 for BC devices.  Over-lapping ACL may give you unexpected results as it has to go thru multiple WCCP redirections.


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