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Using UCCX 7.0(1)

Our contact center is undergoing a change to their scripting (I have written) and they want to have only one CSQ with English and Spanish skill sets. Currently I have the script pulling available resources from the CSQ, but I am using the Set command to change the ResourceGroup to English or Spanish based on the customer's input. Agents have been assigned individual skills and I will assign those skills to the CSQ once I change over the script.

What I need to ensure is that UCCX is going to look at the skill sets within the CSQ resources and assign the call accordingly. From what I have been reading, I should probably create an additional CSQ for the Spanish agents, but the contact center runs it's reports based on the CSQ and not the Application. They are "sticklers" for this reporting so I am trying to accommodate their wishes without causing too many problems for myself.

How can I confirm that the script is properly checking for available agents that have the proper skill set so that the calls are handled accordingly?

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Aaron Harrison Tue, 09/21/2010 - 14:21
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Scripts route to CSQs.

CSQs are linked to agents by skills.

Therefore, if you want to route to Spanish speaking agents, you need those agents to have a 'Spanish' skill, which links them to the 'Spanish' CSQ, which you can then send calls to in your script.

If the Supervisors need to report on the English and Spanish queues as one, then you can address this by either:

1) Using Historical reports to report on the two CSQs, then export to Excel, and amalgamate the two reports

2) Create custom reporst to report on the two CSQs together



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