Cisco 524 sends busy tone when dialed

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Sep 22nd, 2010
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I  have my Cisco 524 phone connected to my UC500. It has two lines active  at the moment. One of the line is private and the second line is shared  with another 524 phone. I have received complaints from other colleagues and clients that my private phone line is gives busy tone when dialed sometimes. I have noticed that there was not any active call  on either of the numbers. I even tested that my self by ringing my  private number from my mobile phone and I got the same busy tone whereas  there wasn't any active call on the private or shared line whatsoever.  Can anybody suggest me some solution on it?

Another issue I face is that sometimes my phone doesn't recognise the  keypad inputs, prompted by the number to which I dialed. What could be  the cause of this? Any help will be  highly appreciated. Many Thanks.

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Steven Holl Wed, 09/22/2010 - 07:18
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  • Cisco Employee,

Is your personal DN a dual-line DN?  When the issue occurs, what does the output of these commands look like:

sh voice call sum

sh voice port sum

sh ephone

sh telephony-s tft

sh dial-peer voice sum

If you can get 'debug voip ccapi inout' during a failure, that would shed some light on this, too.

For the keypad input issue: is that for when you dial the call, or are you talking about mid-call DTMF inside of an IVR?  If it is for dialing the call, it may not be seizing the DN line properly.  You'd see that with a CCAPI debug.  If you hit the line button when this happens, without dialing anything, do you hear dialtone?  It may be related to the first issue if the DN is getting in a stuck state.

sumairrana Tue, 09/28/2010 - 06:33
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Dear Steven,

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately I don't have enough technical knowledge to understand all the points you mentioned, but I can make a case to my IT support team with the information you provided to look into the matter.

I would like to have some more information before contacting IT support team.

1) Busy tone from Cisco 524 IP phone

Actually we have two Cisco 524 IP Phones. There are three lines (411,412 and 4123) used on the phones. Line 412 is shared between both phones where as Line 411 and 413 are indvidually assigned to the phones. The phone with line 411 does send the busy dial tone, sometimes a day at random instances, and it started happening from last two weeks I guess. The other phone has no problem whatsoever.

2) Issue with recognising the keypad input

I guess it is the IVR issue ... When we dial a number and it prompts us to select from one of the menu options, the phone system does not recognise the input provided. The call remains connected but somehow it failed to recognise the input provided.

I appreciate your response. Thanks.

Steven Holl Tue, 09/28/2010 - 07:07
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  • Cisco Employee,


This forum's primary focus is for technical engineers and cisco partners which have experience configuring and troubleshooting the system.  If the system is supported by your IT staff and you don't have the skillset to collect that information which I requested, then you should direct your issues to your IT team and they can work with us via this thread or via a TAC case.  If you can get that output I previously requested, though, I'd be glad to work with you through this.

For the first issue, I'd need to see the config of the CME system to see how the DNs are provisioned and mapped to each phone, and what the states of each phone are.  There are multiple ways that can be setup in the way you described, and will change behavior.

The second issue sounds like a DTMF relay issue.  Likely a misconfiguration.



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