Mapping of private IP to a private IP on another segment

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Sep 22nd, 2010

Hi Experts,

A client is migrating his servers to another segment connected on the same router to isolate those servers from user PCs. The migration would cause a change in ip addressing of the servers however the problem is that some of the softwares running on the user PCs were already hard coded pointed to the current ip's of the servers. The client requires the migration to be seamless and It will be an issue if those servers ip will be changed once transffered on the other segment.What im thinking is if we were able to map the current ip's of the servers to those ip's that is allocated for them on the other segment, is this doable? its just like static nat of private ip's to public ip's, but in this case private ip to private ip on another segment? and how can i do that?

Right now Internet connectivity is on FastEthernet 0/0 while currently the servers and users are on network on FastEthernet 0/1. The client is thinking of migrating the servers to on FastEthernet 0/2 which is on the same router.

any help would be much appreciated


I have this problem too.
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Nagaraja Thanthry Wed, 09/22/2010 - 05:54


Please try the following:

interface FastEthernet 0/0

Description LAN Segment

IP address

ip nat enable


interface FastEthernet 0/1

Description New Segment

IP address

ip nat enable


For the first Server:

access-list 101 permit ip host

route-map Server1

match ip address 101


ip nat source static route-map Server1

For the Second Server:

access-list 102 permit ip host

route-map Server2

match ip address 102


ip nat source static route-map Server2

Hope this helps.



jonjondmjr Fri, 09/24/2010 - 02:30

Hi Nagaraja,

Thanks for the reply. I'm still testing this configuration. Update you as soon as im finished testing.




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