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Sep 22nd, 2010
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Had an interesting scenaio (yet very likely) in testing today using integrated EIM.

Email came in to agent

    - Auto Reply sent to customer

    - Customer replied - thanks for auto reply, and added additional information - setting off exception queue routing

    - Customer replied one more time.... "thanks sorry for all the hassle......"

Agent could not complete first case as there was a pending email

Agent could search on open case activities and saw emails in queue - exception queue and integrated queue

Agent can not pick emails

Agent had to ask integrated adminstrator/supervisor to find exception queue email and then forward that to the queue or complete the email for the agent(as the supervisor cannot send directly to an agent)

Agent then had to complete another 2 emails in queue - task limit is set to 1

Agent could then work on exception queue email

Agent could then work on final reply email.

... that was a perfect scenario where with custom code, the last agent who worked the case received the next email.

If this went to another agent in queue and you did not have a queue configured per agent, it would be a real mess to get that closed off!

Has anyone else ran into this? This isn't an issue with non-integrated.



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lohjintiam Wed, 09/22/2010 - 23:15
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Is there a way to reduce emails going into the exception queues?

Is it possible to auto complete the initial auto reply? I was adviced that whenever possible do a send and complete and if the email comes back then the case will reopen.



BarryMclellan72678_2 Thu, 09/23/2010 - 06:11
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Hi JT,

This flow is a little different, as we are doing the 'send complete' option as well, which works great if everyone stays in order. i.e. customer sends, you complete, customer sends, you complete.

But in the real world, you can't control how many times a customer might send to you, or what they put in their messages.

lohjintiam Mon, 10/25/2010 - 01:39
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Have you come across with such scenario and what's the best way to address it. Agent respond to the customer enquiry but need to continue to monitor until a feedback is receive and would require to send customer a reminder if no response is receive within 2/3 days.

a) If agent does a send and complete, email is removed from the Current folder and move into the Completed folder and user load will be reduced by 1. Is there a way to continue to monitor this activity/case? The concern here is agent forgets to follow up with the customer.

b) If agent just do a send, email will remain in Current folder and 1 user load is used even thou agent is not actively working on this email. Agent's In Progress figures will also not truly reflect their actual work. The concern here is user load will be used up un-necessarily hence reducing the number of active emails agents are suppose to work on.



BarryMclellan72678_2 Mon, 10/25/2010 - 07:05
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Unfortunately I can't think of how you would do this in integrated... using non-integrated, you could just have your agent create their own task assign it to the current case, and then change the due date so that the task would then show up as red when it hit that date. In non-integrated, maximum activities and tasks are two different settings.

Using Integrated, I think you are stuck leaving the activity open, which of course would blow your SLA, and stop you from having new activities assigned to you.

I think you would have to setup some kind of reminder using other software to follow up with the agent. At that point, the agent may be able to do a search on the case, and re-open it and then send and email, but I have never tried this (it may not work).

By default, agents do not have permissions to 'send messages', so if you wanted an agent to be able to send externally from EIM, you need to add this permission, as well, you would somehow need to mask their outbound email address and set it to one of your company defaults so that customer's do not start conversing directly with the agent outside of your routing rules.



In integrated you can create New Activities - they can be "free", or attached to the current case, or attached to a nominated case.

To do this is a bit non-intuitive. You first need to create a new MRD on the Outbound media class, then create a skill group on this MRD. You don't need a route. Then assign this skill to the agent. Now you can use the function keys as described in the Tools manual on page 37.




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