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WAP4410N buggy

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Aug 16th, 2010
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Sad sad sad Cisco.. No response? Do you even care?

I wonder who will be at the xchange event in Dallas this year.

Cisco how do we get refunds? not only for the time wasted on these things but for the hardware itself!!

I was just talking to someone today about Vendor Accountibility, seems now a days, us technology guys

are taking the brunt of the vendors buggy hardware/software.

Cisco Fix this mess!!

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David Hornstein Mon, 08/16/2010 - 21:06
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Hi Kevin,

David Carr, whom i know as caring Small Business Support Technician,  posted a response  30th July, a little higher up in this thread. He is asking folks to call in .

I have emailed you directly and will try to follow up with you in the morning.

I have also contacted the product manager (PM) regarding this thread, not just your issue and he still thinks that these issues have been resolved and the problem is configuration.  Flags fly at Cisco if the RMA rate  or other flags are raised.  Failure rate on this product is way way way low.

If there is an issue with any product under warranty,  please  follow David Carrs advice and please call into the Small Business Support center. I think there is a real  issue,  but so so few people are experiencing it.

With your patience and open support cases within Cisco, a resolution one way or another will be found.


regards Dave

sourceminer Mon, 08/16/2010 - 21:43
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I respect your response but if you would read my post above the last you will see I have had a case open for several months!

I have called, and called, and called... hours on the phone wasted!!! How is tomorrow going to be any different?

How will you handle this case.. I have talked to at least 5 different people, all 5 people say the same thing... I DONT KNOW..

I have posted my Ticket above. Please have someone follow up tomorrow.

David Hornstein Mon, 08/16/2010 - 21:58
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Hi kevin,

I had a look at the Service request, but because the information is not public, I didn't post a reply here, but did send a response to your company email address mentioned in the service request.

Mario the TAC technician was suggesting the same thing as you,  he was emailing and leaving messages for you for about a week with no response.

He can't help but leave a paper trail of his attempts to email and contact you, so i  know he did try several times to get in contact with you.

But anyway,  I pasted that section of the Service request notes  in the email i send you privately.  Somehow you were both trying to contact each other, but never hooked up, weird !

Lets talk in the morning, re-open the case  and move to a resolution.  We'll make it a joint call, if that's ok with you.  I have also sent you my contact information.  If you wish feel free to call me  in the morning.

regards Dave

sourceminer Mon, 08/16/2010 - 23:54
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David, for what ever reason I never got your emails.

Mario and I had a few messages and dialog, mostly it was the other people that were helping. I am not sure if they were opening other tickets or what, either way I always told them they need to be referencing the previous ticket. It looks like somehow the email domain on my account (for this forum) is wrong there is an "i" instead of an "e" in the domain. Not sure how to change it..

I would like to get this resolved tomorrow, make sure we have a level 2 tech in queue for this. I dont want to banter about on this any longer, as you may seem to understand.

anastrophe1 Wed, 09/22/2010 - 22:19
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now that the main thread that my post was from has been locked, and most of the replies split out into new threads (really, really bad move there, cisco - whether true or not, it certainly gives the impression that you want to cover up the disaster that is the 4410N by eviscerating the main thread)...with that being the case, and the fact that dozens and dozens of customers had posted in that thread, with their real-world experiences....then i have but one bit of advice to cisco -


if you want to figure out what's wrong with this thing, setting it up in an anechoic chamber with a dozen monitors hooked to it, turning it on and declaring 'it seems fine' after ten minutes runtime is probably NOT how you should be going about it.


i'm quite certain that if 4410N's were deployed in production use at cisco itself, this problem would have been fixed quite quickly. so, what's stopping you now? don't want to deal with daily disruption of your staff's productivity, by deploying a product that's horribly defective? well, who can blame you. especially when there's a thousand suckers out there who have been your unwilling guinea pigs already.

you just "don't know" what's wrong with the 4410N, after all this time? then clearly YOU AREN'T USING THEM, ARE YOU.

we have three cisco 4410N's. all three are sitting under my desk, gathering dust. $700+ of cisco hardware, a total loss. replaced with trendnet AP's at $40 a pop.

honestly, if you had an ounce of integrity, you'd refund every purchaser back every damned penny we spent on these lemons. more than a year of reported unusability, and you're 'still looking into the problems'? give. me. a. break.

and i can't even recoup a part of what they cost. what integrity would *i* have if i tried fobbing these off on some poor sap on ebay? i couldn't do it. people who sell junk on ebay quickly lose their reputation, and have trouble buying and selling thereafter.

lesson to be learned there, wouldn't you say?


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