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Cannot ping from VPN client to server on win 7 but can on XP

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I am using ASA5505. All  machines run windows 7 and i can succesfully connect to the network and  browse files on the server by using the IP address, but i cannot ping  the Server from the remote machines, but with windows XP machines i can. I have an application  that requires that when connected through the VPN client, it should be  able to ping the server.

How do i resolve this

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Jennifer Halim Thu, 09/23/2010 - 07:00
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Check if your server has any personal firewall turned on as normally it will block incoming pings from different subnets if it's turned on.

Jim Bell Thu, 09/23/2010 - 07:55
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Replied in your earlier thread - may be a Windows7 firewall issue.

Namit Agarwal Thu, 09/23/2010 - 08:24
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As Jim said it could be an issue related to the Windows 7 platform. Let us ascertain that the Windows 7 machine is actually sending echo requests across the tunnel. As I understand the issue is that from the Windows 7 machine we can access the network, access the files on the server but cannot ping to the server whereas with the Windows XP machine everything works fine

Let us run "debug icmp trace" on the ASA to verify whether the ping packets from the windows 7 machine are making it to the ASA across the tunnel. Run this command only if  you do not have a lot of icmp traffic flowing across or to the ASA . The debug icmp trace command shows ICMP packet information, the source IP address, and the destination address of packets arriving, departing, and traversing the PIX Firewall including pings to the PIX Firewall unit's own interfaces.

You should see the echo requests from the Windows 7 machine's IP to the server's IP address and echo replies from the Server's IP to the Windows 7       machine's IP address. In case you do not see this behavior please provide the info of what you see in the debugs. We can also Wireshark to capture icmp packets on the Windows 7 machine.

-- Namit


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