Gig blade from 4006 to 4510

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Alan Taylor Thu, 09/23/2010 - 07:55
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Hi Paul,

Having done a quick check through it appears the line cards are compatible with both chassis.

Installing the card in the 4500 while it is powered on shouldn't pose any great problems although I would recommend that you make reasonable effort to reduce the potential impact if the switch is affected i.e. schedule the install out of core hours.

Edit : for thoroughness it would probably be a good idea to search on the card product ID and check the datasheet.

Hope that helps,

- Sudo.

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Thanks, Sudo.  Unfortunately, I picked the wrong slot.  No lights came on when I inserted the card so I checked the 4510 log:

000616: *Sep 23 09:13:14.117: %C4K_CHASSIS-3-LINECARDNOTVALIDINSLOT: Module WS-X
4424-GB-RJ45 is not supported in slot 10, try slots 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9.

When I get a sec, I'll try one of the other slots.  I also have another s4506 gbic' card  to place.  Now, I'm wondering if I'll have room for both.  When I got the 4510, one of the techs said that one slot would not work because it was designated for a supervisor card in case we should ever want to add another supe engine for backup\redundancy.

Alan Taylor Thu, 09/23/2010 - 12:22
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Well, no service interruption is a good thing and the switch survived so another positive! I'm sure the next time will be fine.

Slots 5 and 6 are reserved for the supervisor modules, as per what the tech said.

Regarding the log entry you received; I encountered problems with a 6500 chassis once that didnt like having a module inserted due to the power drain of all the others, maybe ensuring you have enough wattage could help. Looking at the details I could find there doesnt appear to be suggestions/restrictions on the slot you should use for your card I would suggest one closer to the top of the chassis if possible, no evidence to back this up but it seems to me that the power starts at module 1 then 2 etc. but as I said no evidence just my assumptions and what my experience with the 6500s suggest.

Anyway, hope that helps and good luck with the next attempt.

- Sudo.

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krahmani323 Mon, 10/04/2010 - 06:51
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Hello Paul,

Before opening a tac case, can you specify the type of Sup you are using in the 4510 ?

Is it a SUP V (WS-X4516)  ? Indeed from page  Chassis and Line Card Support - Table 1  we can see :

* When the Supervisor Engine V is used in the  Cisco Catalyst 4510R chassis, slot 10 (FlexSlot) will support a subset  of line cards: the 2-port GBIC (WS-X43 02-GB) and Access Gateway Module  (WS-X4604-GWY). Future Supervisor Engines will allow slot 10 to  accommodate any and all line cards.

That could explain why your 4424-GB-RJ45 is not supported in slot 10...





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