SPA 500 Phones - Automatically dial voicemail password after voicemail number?

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Sep 23rd, 2010

I  am provisioning a set of SPA 500 series phones (a mix of SPA 504g &  SPA 525g) for users in my office and would like to configure the  voicemail button to automatically send the voicemail box number and/or  voicemail password after dialing the voicemail number.

There  are two ways of dialing the voicemail system, either with *98 or with  the user's voicemail box SIP URL.  When using *98 for the voicemail  number, the user is required to enter their box number (i.e. 7890), then  their VM PIN (i.e. 1234).  However, when using the mailbox's SIP URL  for the voicemail number, the outgoing message is played as if a call  had gone unanswered, which requires the user to enter STAR+PIN (i.e.  *1234) to access their voicemail.

Can the phone be configured to dial sequences  like either *98[pause]7890[pause]1234 or [email protected][pause]*1234 ? 

Ideally  the voicemail button would do all this, however if it's not possible  there, perhaps it could be done with a Speed DIal or an Unused Line  Key.  Any help in this direction would be great.


I have this problem too.
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JeffBourgeois5333 Thu, 09/23/2010 - 15:02

Try accessing your voicemail using *97 instead of *98.

If your voip provider's system is like mine, then *97 allows me direct access to VM without entering user or password info.

But, when I enter *98, the system then requires me to enter my mailbox# and password.


Jeff -

picturemark Fri, 09/24/2010 - 07:48

Thanks for the tip but unfortunately *97 doesn't do anything on our VoIP service.

MerkMan07 Tue, 07/09/2013 - 08:42

Even though I am late to the party on this, I appreciate you posting  those Release Notes.  I have upgraded my firmware to take advantage of  the new dialing features.   However, I cannot for the life of me figure  out how to insert a space into the dialing string.  I am able to insert  the other characters discussed in those Notes, but not a space.  Can  anybody enlighten me?  I am using a SPA 504G.

Many thanks.

SOLUTION (EDIT):  I found the answer.  When in the dialing field, scroll far right in the soft keys an select IP, which gives you more choices for characters in your string.  To insert a space, tap on the zero key.  The first entry is a space.  It is hard to see, even when inserted into your string, but it is there.  To insert a comma to create a 2-second pause, tap the 1 key.  And, so as to unify the solution here, I am pasting below the instructions from the release notes referenced above.

Release Notes for Cisco Small Business SPA5XX and SPA30X IP Phones Firmware Version 7.5.1a

Speed Dial Wait, Pause, and DTMF

Speed dial entries can include wait (X) and pause (,) parameters that allow manual and automatic DTMF (Dual-tone multi-frequency) signal transmission.


        {Dial_String}[ ][,|X][DTMF_string][,|X][DTMF_string]


Dial_String—The number that the user is trying to reach. For example, 8537777 or


(space)—A dial termination that defines or delimits the end of the dial string. The

space is mandatory. If the phone encounters an X or a comma (,) before the space,

the characters are treated as part of dial string.

, (comma)—A 2-second pause that is inserted for each comma in the string.

X (wait)—Awaits user input and acknowledgement

• The “Waiting for more digits input. When done, press OK to continue” message displays.

• The user manually enters DTMF signals by using the dial pad.

• The user selects OK, acknowledging the transmission of the manual entry is complete.

• The phone sends any DTMF signals defined by DTMF_string.

• The phone executes the next parameter. If there are no more parameters in the dial string to execute, the phone exits to the main screen. The wait does not timeout; the wait prompt window is not dismissed until user confirms the wait prompt or the call is ended either by the user or ended by the

remote device.

DTMF_string—The DTMF signals that a user is sends to a remote device after the call is connected. The phone cannot send signals other than valid DTMF signals.


18887225555 ,,5552X2222

A speed dial entry triggers the phone to dial 18887225555. The space indicates the end of the dial string. The phone waits 4 seconds (2 commas), and then sends the DTMF signals 5552. A message is displayed, prompting the user to manually dial DTMF signals. When the user has finished dialing the DTMF signals, the user selects OK to confirm the manual DTMF signal transmission is complete. The phone sends the DTMF signals 2222.