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About Central manager redundancy, the WAAS software implements a standby WAAS Central Manager. This  process allows you to maintain a copy of the WAAS network configuration  on a second WAAS Central Manager device. If the primary WAAS Central  Manager fails, the standby can be used to replace the primary.

For interoperability, when a standby WAAS Central Manager is used, it  must be at the same software version as the primary WAAS Central Manager  to maintain the full WAAS Central Manager configuration. Otherwise, the  standby WAAS Central Manager detects this status and does not process  any configuration updates that it receives from the primary WAAS Central  Manager until the problem is corrected.

About configuring High availability on WAAS on WCCP mode, WCCP itself is designed to give you redundancy you need. if you have more than 2 x WAEs, they share the load with each other and if one of the WAE goes offline, the other one will pick up automatically. You can use different egress methods in WCCP mode, put the units in serial cluster with inline mode, etc.

It all depends upon how you want to deploy and design requirement.

One thing to note here is: There is no TCP session replication across multiple WAEs.

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