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Dear All,

I have a problem with auto attendant script. I have a customer who has a greeting saying Welcome to XXXX company.Please enter the desire extension at any time. or else please wait for the operator. Now they want to add an option for the user to press 1 so that the call wil be transfereed to techincal supportteam. The flow wil be like this. WElcome to XXXX company. Please enter the desire extension at any time.For techincal relted queries please press 1 or else please wait for operator. So if the user press 1 the call will go to tehnical department.

The problem is in the script once the call lands in we have configured in such a way that the system will accept the 4 digit extension and if the user dont press the 4 digit extension it will go to operator. Now if i add the option of 1 in that system is waiting for another 4 digits then it is timing out and going to operator. Is there any way to accomplish the above task. I am adding the script for your reference.

I have this problem too.
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