Reject calls such as DND in CUCM7 with CME 4.1

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Sep 27th, 2010

Hello, I'm having an issue and not sure what the best way is to resolve it with CME 4.1.  The phones are all 7970G and the router is 3745 with IOS 12.4-15(T8).  With ephone-hunt groups established setup for longest-idle, that part works great.  However, when an agent is with a client at their desk or away from their desk, I need a way for the user to set their phone to be "passed over" in the call hunting process.  With CUCM 7.x I accomplished this simply by setting the DnD setting for call-reject and having the user place their phone on DnD during these times.  With CME 4.1 I'm not aware of a way to make this action possible, at least not using DnD.  Ideally, if the user is not currently accepting calls I would like that to be reflected on the BLF Speed dial presence indicators as well as not all users can see status without this presence.  All phones are running SCCP not SIP.  One of the biggest issues is with incoming calls, if no one is at a desk where the IP Phone is part of a hunt group the incoming caller will hear ringing until the timeout setting (10 secs) is reached before it moves to the next member of the hunt-list.  This can annoy incoming callers as you may imagine.  An ideal solution would involve a configurable softkey that the users can use to activate this functionality as I am unable to manually add/remove DNs from hunt lists everytime this would be needed lol.  Thank you in advance for any suggestions, I'm just not as familiar with CME as CUCM. 

I have this problem too.
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Correct Answer by Felipe Garrido about 6 years 1 month ago

The same thing can be done in CME. Either use the DND or Hlog softkey to toggle agent status.


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fieryhail Tue, 09/28/2010 - 14:41

Thank you for your assistance with this.  The DND does seem to work, however the BLF Presence does not indicate the unavailable status of the user as it does with CUCM, is there any way around this to have the BLF Presence reflect the user's unavailable status so users from a remote location don't try to forward/transfer calls etc?  Otherwise the DND works as expected.  Thank you very much!

jaschulz Tue, 09/28/2010 - 23:13

Good Evening,

With the version of CME you are running this isn't possible. Please see below from:

It says:
"In versions earlier than Cisco Unified CME 7.1, BLF monitoring does not
provide notification of status changes when a monitored directory number
becomes DND-enabled"

You would need to upgrade to 7.1 or later for that feature. I am not aware of any other workaround.



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