RV082 forwarding broadcast packets

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I've an RV082 connected to a 3rd party firewall. I've been asked to get broadcast packets for a particulas UDP destination port, from a VLAN on that 3rd party f/w into our corporate LAN, which hangs off of the RV082. The vlan remains only on the 3rd party f/w, and the traffic is routed to the RV082.

So I need to find out if the RV082, running in Router mode, with SPI turned off (firewall off), can forward those packets ?

I can see it says it supports multicast, but I'm guessing it can't forward broadcast?


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Ashley Georgeson Mon, 09/27/2010 - 04:22
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You can do this on the Layer 3 interface (vlan interface if configured).

The ip helper command will forward certain udp broadcasts to the destination ip address - useful for dhcp/bootp/tftp etc.

If you require a non-standard port, I would use the ip directed-broadcast command in combination with an extended access-list list to limit the feature only to the required port.  After all routers drop broadcast traffic for a reason!

Hope that helps, Ash.


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